Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 2 of 52 photo project- STRIPES

This weeks "challenge" was stripes. In normal fashion, I waited till the last last night, b/4 Bear had to be in bed. (I actually made him put these clothes on as he was already in his jammies).

I was really excited after I got the theme of this weeks project. I even had a dream about what I was going to do...set up playing cards in the sun & then take a picture of their shadow...I don't know, it was a dream. I saw stripes everywhere but I forgot to bring my camera with me or didn't think to use my phone. Sometimes I forget that it has that function. So this is what I got. Bear reading his Harry Potter book in his favorite striped shirt, but I got it done.

Wonder what this week's project will be???


  1. Sooooo.....
    It is photography that will make you show up here?


  2. haha....I guess it's a start, right???