Friday, February 24, 2012

week 8- Happiness

Grandma with some of her goofy grandkids. Still smiling with the all the silliness around her.

Week 7- Shadow

Week 7 of 52

My computer crashed somewhere b/w week 6 & 7. That is why I'm finally getting these pix up.

So, I went to the Genesis Conference in Fayetteville, ARK a couple of weekends ago. 10 sponsors...35 middle/high school kids. Yes...I am brave.

After a great weekend & taking a lot of not so good pix (I'm still learning to use my camera), I finally (w/ the help of the youth leader) that my lens was set on MANUAL!!! Ugh...ditz! Now that it's set correctly, I was able to get a couple of in focus pix. SHADOW was our challenge word this week. THis is what'a got.

week 6-Light

Week 6 of 52 weeks...LIGHT. Took this back in November on a trip to California. Loved being able to see the sunrise over the fluffy clouds.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Week 5 of the photo project...."OOPS"

OOPS...this weeks challenge word. I thought I'd have more to show but this week has been pretty "oops-free" at your house.
I did have a pretty good one tho. Picture day was on Monday at Bear's school. BUT I thought it was on the 31st. Just to make sure I checked his folder & dontcha' know it, it was Monday. This boy of mine needed a haircut. We are talking sideburns for miles...he did say he wanted to be the youngest kid to have the longest sideburns...haha. Too bad, mama cut them off. Oh, yeah I did, as well as trimmed around his ears & proceeded to think I was pretty hot stuff & could handle this haircutting thing & moved on back. That's where things went wrong. I took a nice slash out of the back & decided maybe I wasn't "all that". We skipped the bus stop in search of a salon open at 7:45a.m. Let me tell you....there is not a place open...not even Walmart. Oh, how I wished I had a friend that knew how to fix an oopsie haircut.
I took the boy to school & we (the school secretary, teacher, & I) decided that I would just take Bear back home w/ me until a salon opened at 9.
Thank you Mr. Man at Supercuts for being there a little early & gettin' my boy in!


I'm just getting last weeks picture challenge up because I have to get week 5 up. Last weeks Photo challenge word was Gratitude. Wow...was that a challenge, not that being grateful was a challenge but actually capturing it in a photo.
The one thing this challenge did do for me was to be more aware of things. Seeing my family share & be kind to one another. To see how hard my husband works & cares for us. I am so grateful for him & apprecieate all that he does for us.
In the end, my deadline was coming & I still did not have a picture for my challenge, so I took the easy way out. This is what I came up with.......