Sunday, July 3, 2011


I know.....sounds disgusting, right? Let me tell you... they are NOT! I always learn something new from my northern cousin. Here's the recipe:


Mix together:

4 beers...any beer...yucky kinds, good kinds, whateva' ya got layin' around.

1 can of limeade

1/2 the can of empty limeade container filled w/ tequila

It is surprisingly tasty.

My hubby's smokin'

Ribs, that is. Hubby got an Orion smoker for Father's Day and we thought it would be fun to try it out while his brother & s-n-law were in town. Hubby's brother is a smoke meister so he helped a little bit too.

It looks like it's ready for take off!

Prepping the smoker to insert the ribs.

We seasoned with a prepackaged rub, but I think next time we'll try our own stuff.

Checking to make sure the ribs are done. Took only 1 hr. 15mins for 3 racks. Next time might try cooking a little longer but they still were fine.
Finished product. Can't wait to try something new...hmmm...maybe brisket.


A couple of weeks ago we went to Manhattan to visit some friends. 1st up on the schedule was to head to State Farm for my annual insurance check-up to make sure our coverage was where it needed to be. Of course, my main reason for going was to catch up with all my old co-workers. It had been a long time since I had seen these people face to face.

Next, I met my girl friend & her kids for lunch & then it was off to the pool. Unfortunatly, my friends' daughter had volleyball camp so she couldn't join us but her son went w/ us. Bear was crazy. Here he is jumping off the high dive, no reservations. He just climbed up the stairs, walked to the end of the board & jumped. He definatly is my little risk taker(to a point).

C and Bear of my besties!

We ended the day at Dairy Queen. Above L to R...Bear, Jon, Katy (C's future wife, if I had my way), & C. Lots of fun today. Bear slept all the way home. Great day!