Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So yesterday, Jerrett & I went to the Museum of Natural Treasures in downtown Wichita. I had a coupon for buy on get one free admission. So it only cost me $8.95+tax. Jerrett really enjoyed it. He even told me today that he really liked it. There are a few dinousaur models that he happily posed by. Now that he reads, he likes to read the information on the different displays. He also had lots of questions.
The 1st floor consisted of dinosaur bones, anciet eygptian artifacts, and lots of statues/carvings. Some of it "creeped" him out. The 2nd floor was all war memoriblia. No pictures allowed on that floor. The 3rd floor was mostly Kansas history as well as United States Presidents.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have thought about doing a blog for over a year about some of my favorite past times...Cooking & Reading. This blog will contain recipes that are family favorites as well as newly tried ones. Also, since I read a lot, I thought I would include recently read books & give them a thumbs up or down rating. Enjoy!